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swoop in and steal the orbs. so plan your moves accordingly. You don't need to play aggressively and should really only use your boost for defensive situations or when you're sure you can trap someone safely. you will start seeing many dying around you. Most of these are for other mobile games and all the ads we’ve seen so far are age appropriate for the rating. Now, there's no way of knowing where those areas are, there are big kills and big gains 5. Boosting is the fastest way to get big This tactic is especially useful for mid-sized snakes (over 100 length) that can use their tail as an obstacle while avoiding those of other snakes. Originally only on a computer you can now access these in the iPhone app. you're basically in survival mode. simply tap and hold somewhere around your snake and it will head in that direction. and while I still haven't won (I wish I had more time to play at work), LEAVING GAINS for others to boost into your trap is the best way to safely reach the 10,000 point mark. you'll have an almost god-like ability to see way more of the arena than the smaller snakes. Type a nickname and you’re ready to begin. Be aware of your surroundings. This way, you have “captured” this lot of orbs and can devour them slowly. you shouldn't just glide straight through it all, if you see one coming right at you,
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